About Us

The All Faith Consortium

The All Faith Consortium (AFC) by its name includes ALL FAITH Traditions. AFC does not subscribe to any religious order, nor does it recognize any one faith as superior to others. Our goal is to welcome the individual spiritual philosophies of its members, and to create a vehicle for all needy citizens to access needed services and resources. AFC was established to bring together faith and community-based organizations, and private industry to use innovative approaches in assisting veterans, single mothers, low-income fathers, ex-prisoners, the elderly and youth in achieving permanent self-sufficiency in the areas of employment, training, literacy, housing, health, education and other life-sustaining benefits.”

AFC’s Board of Directors include a Chairperson, two Vice-Chairs over faith-based and social-service organizations, along with service leaders in the areas of transportation, employment, literacy, housing, substance abuse, case management and counseling.


Goals and Objectives

The first major goal of AFC is to increase the responsiveness of the community to homeless veterans, needy individuals, and other at-risk families by developing a strengths-based, family-centered approach and public/public partnership to deliver a continuum of care. Formal and information family support systems will be recognized in this approach.

The second major goal is to ensure the long-term sustainability of a neighborhood-based individual and family support systems through multi-level capacity building and business development activities under AFCO contracting services. This will include engaging all parties in designing and monitoring a support system responsive to identified needs and desires; helping current services rendered to assess needs and to adjust services to work from a strengths-based model; and improving the formal and informal system and, where necessary, the resources to enhance that system in areas of prioritized need, such as housing, employability, substance abuse treatment, transportation, and business development.


Contact Information

National Headquarters:
2000 14th Street, NW Washington, DC 20009
Telephone-1-866-650-4600 / 202-671-1600
Email- admin@all-faith.org