Commitment to Action

All Faith Consortium has recently been granted the opportunity to access membership in the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Each member of CGI creates a Commitment to Action - a plan to take specific steps to address a global challenge. All Faith's commitment to action is within the realm of Environment and Energy. Our national and global service practicum and solutions include: Environmental Sustainability, Management, and Supportive Services, Ecosystems, Water, Air, Energy Conservation, Global Permaculture Architecture and Development.

Veterans and Military Families in our programs are offered first-class green designation training and given new job opportunities as First Responders and Engineers of Home Grown Renewable Energy. The mission is to deploy former war soldiers transmuted to the world with arms of global life-changing solutions, healing and sustainability.

All Faith's Break-Through Environmental Sustainability and Support Solutions includes:

  • Specialized Consultancy on Policy & Procedures - Building Environmental Management Systems for the Federal Government.
  • Policy Analysis on EO 13514, 13423, EISA, EPACT05, NEPA, EPA/DOE Strategic Sustainability Planning & Implementation
  • Implementation of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18000 Environmental Management & Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
  • Energy Audits and Facility Condition Assessments - Energy Efficiency & Renewable Feasibility Studies, Benchmarking, Smart Metering
  • High Performance/Sustainable Buildings & Data Centers - LEED, Energy StarĀ® and Green Building Standards, Electronic Stewardship
  • Energy & Environmental Engineering Assessments* Implementation of Energy & Environmental Management Solutions
  • Environmental Maintenance Training/Workshops * Federal Energy, Environmental & Alternative Transportation Policy Compliance
  • Project Management Training and Support * OMB Scorecard & CEQ Reporting, and O&M Cost Optimization
  • Global Permaculture Architecture & Developments * Asbestos and Lead Inspection and Abatement Support
  • Solid Waste Management and Recycling Programs * Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Water, Air, Energy Conservation Programs