Emergency Services


FEMA Emergency  Food and Shelter Program

  The All Faith Consortium provides assistance to needy families in the form of rental/mortgage and utility assistance, and emergency food through a FEMA granted program.

USDA-Food and Nutrition Assistance Program

All Faith Consortium is certified as a community emergency food provider under the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Stamps program.  

Operation Independence is an emergency assistance program within the Nation’s homeless prevention and self-sufficiency strategic plan. AFC provides direct emergency assistance to needy rental, mortgage, and utilities assistance, emergency food, and transitional housing placements. Services include: legal services and advocacy support, alcohol and narcotics anonymous meetings, transportation supplements, money management, counseling, health workshops, job clubs and workshops, employment information, and job placement support.

As a proactive partner within the Nation’s welfare-to-work strategic plan, AFC is commissioned with community supportive services units based within the U.S. Department of Labor’s One-Stop Career Service Centers.  Operation Independence provides information, resources and referral service to citizens whom are the victims of family tragedy, long-term government dependent individuals, low-income families, ex-offenders and other displaced workers. Services include: advocacy and legal services, substance abuse recovery, emergency food, clothing, utilities, housing, transportation, financial management, counseling, job readiness, job placement, and retention.