Values of Philanthropy

Donors, Grantors and Partners : Making a Difference

"If you can accumulate some of sociey's wealth through luck and skill and then make sure that the consumption overwhelmingly goes to the less fortunate, it's a little bit robin hood-you're recycling wealth from that top part back. The U.S. as a whole is pretty good on a relative basis on being willing to give money to various causes. I think even the U.S. could be better , but we are by most measures the country that does the most of that. And the higher up the list you are, the more there's a responsibility to put not only your wealth but your brainpower into those activities."
Bill Gates

The All Faith Consortium (AFC) is a conglomerate of diverse faith institutions and social service organizations designed to create access for the marginalized and underserved persons to tap into its vast resources and eradicate human suffering by the introduction of a tangible force in human service. This expansive network of faith and community based organizations originating in the Washington DC and is presently growing throughout the nation. Our daily work involves the use of innovative and individualized approaches to assist long-term government-dependent persons, low-income families, youths, seniors, and other ineffective persons in achieving permanent self-sufficiency in the areas of employment, training, literacy, and other life-sustaining benefits.

The All Faith Consortium was founded to encourage individuals and families to create and sustain a philanthropic mission. Our statement of values and guiding principles is critical to those volunteers and staff charged with shaping the organization's future, to those we hope to serve, and to the public we hope will come to better understand the role of philanthropy in our society.

The success of AFC programs has gotten the attention and favor of the U.S. Government and several philanthropic entities. This tremendous aid have allowed us to share our model with major cities around the country as a practical approach for breaking the welfare generation cycle, establishing working safety nets, and chartering government independent thinking for thousands of families.

Contributions made to the All Faith Consortium by generous donors significantly make a difference in our ability to effectively make a difference in the lives of thousands of needy people and it conveys an dedication to the issue that the compassion of philanthropy sustains individual, community and family self-sufficiency.

The All Faith Consortium values the participation of individuals and families in private, organized philanthropy. We value the contributions of countless individual philanthropists who generously contribute to our society's well being. We also recognize that there is great value in the donor's decision to engage in the philanthropic process. When those who share a commitment to one another share an equally heartfelt commitment to something beyond the individual the family the community all are enhanced.