Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Counseling and Treatment programs serve as an intricate component in all of AFC programs. Hundreds of participants benefit from in-house substance abuse counselors, licensed clinicians, and sponsors to assist in sustaining sobriety as an additional critical support in helping them to move toward successful self-sufficiency. Through out the year participants are taken to our retreat center for short-term treatment in the mountains Virginia. These individuals are given a chance to get away from environments of aggression, despair, and decadent temptation. Short-term counseling sessions has proven to provide a major difference to those who are challenged with personal addictions, we’ve found that those suffering from such ailments tend to succumb to the calm and balance that nature subtly offers. For severe and long-term treatment, AFC affords its participants the opportunity to go to the VA Medical Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia to achieve sobriety when the outpatient treatment programs aren’t sufficient enough and they need to remove themselves from their environment.